North Kansas City, MO — iWerx, entrepreneurial and enterprise development centers, has expanded its business missive, Informant. An extension of iWerx’s commitment to helping small businesses grow, the digital publication celebrates and support local businesses by telling their stories and reporting their news.

“Our objective at iWerx is to help small businesses grow, and we don’t consider our mission to be confined to four walls,” explains Bob Martin, iWerx Co-Founder. “We developed the Informant to assist and communicate with our members and the surrounding community. There’s ample room for storytelling and celebration of business startups that we don’t see being filled.”

Rallying behind and cultivating small businesses has been at the core of iWerx’s mission from the start.

Since opening its first 34,000-square-foot coworking space in October 2016, iWerx has elevated local small businesses by providing not only a place to work, but unparalleled business support and collaboration. Within six months of opening, iWerx was at capacity – all its 38 offices in North Kansas City were full. It has since expanded into two more facilities, now claiming more than 90,000 square feet of business incubation and coworking facilties.

Initially, iWerx’s Informant was a one-sheet broadside, first published in 2017, that cultivated member engagement and shared events within the space. When the pandemic hit, the Informant expanded to a digital format. “We started hearing from many of our members and the greater business community that the stories resonated beyond those in our direct iWerx community,” Martin says. The facilities currently host 85 unique businesses.

“The need to spotlight these small businesses quickly became obvious,” Martin continues. “There is a wealth of stories about entrepreneurs and enterprises that never get covered. These businesses may not be in the headlines, like a startup receiving a capital infusion. But the fourth-generation soap maker opening a store on Main Street has a story worth telling too. They’re the fabric of our communities.

“These are the people hiring your recent graduates. They’re donating to your kid’s Little League team, boosting the high school football team. These entrepreneurs are the backbone of the community,” he explains.

Starting July 1, the Informant’s footprint will expand to small businesses — and small business advocates — across the Kansas City area in its new online format. The digital publication spotlights local businesses, social entrepreneurs and links to other prominent content creators in the Kansas City market.

The Informant is intentionally launching to the greater community as businesses climb back from the global pandemic. “We should congratulate these businesses, those that have survived what’s undoubtedly one of the toughest challenges of their lives,” Martin explains. He says he also looks forward to spotlighting the many businesses that launched and opened doors during the pandemic, finding opportunity in a difficult year.

The digital Informant is also sponsored by the Clay County Economic Development Council.


ABOUT IWERX: Sprouted from a commitment to community, iWerx is dedicated to fostering partnerships within the Kansas City business communities as well as among its members. It believes in the value of connecting and supporting entrepreneurial eco systems. Visit and for more information.