Small businesses comprise the backbone of the American economy.

More than job creators and taxpayers, they weave the fabric of neighborhoods and are cornerstones to communities. They mold regional identities.

The Informant celebrates the pursuit of their passion, reports their contributions to the Metro and documents the trials and triumphs of Kansas City’s entrepreneurial spirit.

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Lighter, Cheaper, Better — CAPE Industries Builds a Global Product In the Heart of America

Allen Gibson is an idea guy. Ask him about his degrees, and he’ll demur in the way that only a born and bred Midwesterner can do. But while Gibson may embody the warm, people-first ethos that the Midwest is known for, his company, CAPE Industries, is set to revolutionize the [...]

August 31, 2021|

iWerx launches Informant, expanding commitment to local, small businesses

North Kansas City, MO — iWerx, entrepreneurial and enterprise development centers iWerx.org, has expanded its business missive, Informant. An extension of iWerx’s commitment to helping small businesses grow, the digital publication celebrates and support local businesses by telling their stories and reporting their news. “Our objective at iWerx is to [...]

August 23, 2021|

Tom’s Town Profile

What happens when a record-setting year turns into one of mere survival? When you’re hit by a challenge no one (except maybe psychics and Bill Gates) saw coming? Steve Revare knows. The self-described serial entrepreneur, Kansas City native and co-founder of Tom’s Town Distilling Company reflects on the past [...]

May 21, 2021|
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